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Motivated by the conference, creationism materials have been translated into more than 40 languages and have impacted hundreds of churches and several countries.
One of the features of the conference has been the presenting of new evidences by Dr. Swift for dinosaurs and man living together. He has traveled the world and documented rock art, artifacts, and hidden museum pieces that show dinosaurs. He is now considered by many to be the leading expert on dinosaurs and man living together.  Dennis Swift has appeared on many television and radio program showing his unique body of evidences of humans and dinosaurs coexisting such as Creation Evidence for the 21st Century with Dr. Carl Baugh on TBN, George Noory's popular radio program Coast to Coast AM, and on National Geographic / Discovery Channel's "Weird or What" with William Shatner.  He has also been featured in news and articles in Peru, Mexico, Russia, and other locations worldwide.

Dinosaurs are missionary lizards, and everywhere Dennis Swift has looked in the world he has found evidence that humans lived alongside them!

For over 25 years CSMO has shared research which otherwise lay hidden for hundreds of years, provided connections for homeschoolers around a crucial topic that lends evidence to the Bible's veracity, and even offered trips to go see some of the sites where discoveries are made.

In 1987, Dr. Swift founded Creation Science Ministries of Oregon (CSMO) and sponsored with ICR a pastors breakfast and luncheon. Materials were mailed to over 2,000 churches in the greater Portland area. The pastors received creationism materials including a tape by Ken Hamm, “Relevance of Creation.”

The NW Creation Conference, a ministry of CSMO, became a catalyst for starting new creationist meetings, organizations, and websites. Six different creationist groups formed out of the conference. The laity within the Nazarene Church formed Nazarenes In Creation and had over 700 pastors and laymen. They were at the headwaters of the creationism challenge to that denomination. Dr. Swift believed that all these organizations and churches could work together on the common ground of creationism-God had raised all of them up. We really do need each other. Together, we can form a fist that will be a force to deliver a knock-out blow to evolution.